The Contender


The Contender strips away the barriers to create a space where young people can be engaged on a range of issues critical to their wellbeing. We challenge participants to examine the variables impacting upon their identity and how these influence their relationships and decision making processes.

This program spans 1 week to 10 weeks, and while it is appropriate for comparable demographics outside of the School setting, it is most commonly delivered through the School Focused Youth Service stream. The Contender is evidence based with data captured by SFYS coordinators.

  • Week 1 - Finding connection

  • Week 2 - Embracing change

  • Week 3 - Defining who we are

  • Week 4 - Violence as a language

  • Week 5 - Friends, Family, Community

  • Week 6 - Bouncing back

  • Week 7 - Vulnerability - a strength

  • Week 8 - Value and worth

  • Week 9 - Mavericks 

  • Week 10 - Closing focus group and celebration

It is our preference to come out and discuss the unique challenges experienced by the intended participants so we can tailor the content accordingly. To find out more about each topic, and our methodology for each, please email or call Matt on 0420 585 218 to request a brochure or lock in a meeting.