Real Talk - Whole School Approach


Changing the culture... 

Chin Up Project's whole school approach is a specific incursion spanning 6 to 10 weeks depending on the scope of the program, with the specific objective of increasing the schooling communities awareness and understanding of respectful relationships.

Our primary and secondary school Real Talk workshops provide a safe environment for students to talk, listen and share information on topics related to personal health and wellbeing, with a focus on interpersonal relationships both within the school environment and as they are experienced in the broader community.

We apply a unique methodology to influence the culture of the schooling community, empowering and training the student’s to drive the cultural shift and sustain the objectives beyond the scope of Chin Up Project’s involvement. 

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We deliver...

Assembly Presentation

Meet and greet with Students

4 - 6 Real Talk workshops for young men

4 - 6 Real Talk workshops for young women

2 Peer to Peer development workshops

Teachers information session

Parents evening

A critical aspect of this involves guiding students to develop a short presentation to educate their peers in respectful relationships and influence how they are experienced in the local community. Some schools elect to have a short video series produced which can be disseminated through social media channels, used as a learning resource in classes and publicised on School media platforms. This is achieved in cooperation with the students and Teachers.

A Teacher information session is recommended to engender a workplace where all staff feel equally respected, safe, valued and have equal opportunities. As with all Chin Up Project programs, Parent evenings and/or Parent resources are available to introduce the learnings into the home.

If you are interested in exploring compatibility for your school or learning more, please get in contact for an obligation free consultation with Matt or Dan by clicking this link.