Chin Up Project - Founders

Matt Williams

The self-awareness Matt has developed around his own evolutionary process allows him to stand alongside others who are struggling as a non-judgemental mentor. It is this capacity that he brings to his work with youth.

He is a firm believer in the change that can be created in sharing his story, with young people and adults alike benefiting from the lessons derived from his lived experiences in workshops and keynote speaking.

As a youth worker, facilitator, mediator, and trainer Matt spent the best part of a decade working in youth justice in Australia, and is widely regarded as an expert in program design and facilitation. He takes a holistic approach to addressing young people’s offending behavior and consults in the professional development of stakeholders to the youth justice arena and Child Protection system. 

It has been by virtue of the combination of his life and industry experiences that Matt came to recognise the service gaps that young people were slipping through time and time again, before moving to found Chin Up Project in 2017.


Dan Cocker

A leader in consulting and training services since 2010,  Dan has a passion for social justice and restorative interventions and is significantly involved in communities in which criminal offending has had an impact. To this end, Dan works with offenders and victims, providing support, education and emotional compensation.

The Youth Justice field is arguably one of Australian most challenging industries. With 12 years of direct experience as a Youth Officer, Team Leader, and Unit Manager, Daniel has a deep understanding of the issues which impact and drive conflict situations. Coupled with practical application and industry experience as a trainer of de-escalation and tactical interventions for which he is renowned for his ability.

More recently, Daniel has worked as a consultant in the corporate world, providing over 120 tailor-made programs for companies such as Ausnet Services Australia. Though-out this journey Dan has stayed true to his roots, continuing as a facilitator of pro-social education in schools and community organisations for a range of providers.

It is admirable then, that within his incredibly challenging, and intensive professional work life he manages to achieve positive change through a range of educational videos, and complementary training packages aimed at preventing family violence and anti-bullying campaigns for the Department of Education, Mens behavior change, and sports mentoring workshops.