Young  People, say

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Captured from group debriefs

“I liked listening to your experiences the best. Even though it was a different time its exactly the same as what I feel i’m going through and it gives me hope.” - age 20


“I really enjoyed the program and the support you guys gave us. Everybody is going through the same stuff and I really enjoyed coming and having the supportive environment.” - age 17


“Chin Up has impacted my decision making a lot, the way I go about things and the people who I choose to have around me.” - age 17


“I realise the decisions I make now can have a massive effect on my future.” - age 16


“The reason I keep coming back is because I feel good when I’m in the workshop. It makes me feel good.” - age 16


“What I thought being a Man should be is so different now than when I first came.” - age 21


“I learned so much about the value of making mistakes and how I can learn from it to improve myself and my decisions.” - age 18


“I’ve been to so many programs an organisations for my anger issues. Most tell me that I am the problem and it makes me feel shit. You guys showed me the problem we all share and what we can do about it together.” - age 20


“The program I used to go to for my mental health made me feel like I was just there to learn how not to affect other people. I really felt this was for me.” - age 20


“Shit is so much better now with Mum and Dad. I apologised to Dad after the empathy session and we are talking again which is awesome. People have noticed how I have changed.” - age 19


“I’m taking better care of my Son and showing him what I’ve learned.” - age 16


“I was going to go fight these guys at the train station with the boys but went to Chin Up Project and felt different. Afterward we kicked it at a mates house instead because I told them its not worth it, aye.” - age 17


“The most important thing I learned from this whole experience is I can’t take shit for granted. When I ended up here because of court and didn’t want to be here, but now I just want to keep coming.” - age 15


“I haven’t been here for 4 weeks or something because I was a bit scared to talk. I’m back here today because I need to improve my anger and my feelings. It was a big thing for me to come back and I’m proud of myself for that now. You know, doing Man stuff with the older boys here makes me feel different.” - age 13


“I feel more accepted here with everybody knowing I get angry and not judging me. Acceptance has been the best part for me.” - age 16


“Family violence was the best for me because it touched home. I’m going to be a leader and stand up and say ‘thats not right’. I know what it means to be a Man and thats cool.” - age 20


“We all think we’ve done it and know everything. Then we get checked on our bullshit and recognise that there is wisdom in learning from others and being open to new ideas from other Men and, you know, thats when you turn into a Man really.” - age 18


“Last week I went home and did cleaning of the house for Mum when she went to work. Kids are all playing around so I cooked some African food for my brothers and sisters. I’ve never done that before. Bro, Mum saw I had stepped out like that like a ‘G’ and was proud.” - age 17