Hip-Hop Narrative Therapy

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Express yourself

The use of hip-hop culture and rap music as a vehicle for change within the context of narrative therapy is powerful, relevant, and importantly validated through academic study.

Influenced heavily by the fundamental social learning concepts that underpin Chin Up Project workshops, we champion a framework that uses hip-hop lyrics to assist in core narrative processes such as deconstructing the problem story, unique outcomes, circulation of the new story and re-membering.

The facilitators will lead participants through a process of songwriting, reflection, production, and celebration, challenging dominant stories about hip-hop music as a genre that is exclusively misogynistic, irresponsible, derogatory and offensive.

The ‘Hip-Hop Narrative Therapy’ Program is afforded in 5 stages, over 5 to 10 weeks:


Consider how the outcomes of embarking on a journey of personal change can be favourable, as demonstrated through case studies and the facilitators own story.


Using the creative process of songwriting, young people will examine the variables that impact their identity, including their environment, relationships, influences and emotions.


Participants will review their own writing to reflect on, and redefine what it has to say about their identity.


Young people will share the music they have created or identified as central to who they are with others.


The participants will have an opportunity to record what they have produced in multimedia form. This session also serves to reinforce and celebrate the personal change that has been created through the narrative therapy process.

Aiming high

This program aims to provide a forum that engenders a process allowing young people to be engaged on a range of issues critical to their wellbeing and development, including:

• Explore the variables that impact on their identity, maturing a self-awareness and resilience, considering their environmental influences, emotions, relationships and decision making processes.

• Provide primary prevention tools to students improving their ability to engage in pro-social, respectful relationships.

• Provide intervention strategies to mitigate patterns of negative behaviour in the community.

• Create awareness and afford primary prevention tools to mitigate gang culture and negative peer influence.

• Improve literacy through the creative process.

• Improve emotional literacy and vocabulary through the creative process.

• Engender an environment amongst participants that can self-sustain the objectives of the workshop beyond the scope of Chin Up Projects involvement.