Getting Over


Getting Over:

  1. The ability to recover or overcome challenging situations

  2. Fans treating a wrestler with higher or equal credibility to other wrestling superstars

Inspired by the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Getting Over is an anti-bullying program for primary school aged young people.

Chin Up Project co-founder Dan Cocker is a hugely passionate wrestling fan, and from a young age has experienced his journey into adulthood through the wrestling metaphors that he engenders in this workshop.

Using this unusual but innovative modality (yes, we acknowledge its unorthodox, allow us to explain!) we promote awareness and understanding of prosocial values, identity, violence and being an effective bystander to bulling through a range of wrestling-themed activities.

Over the course of 3 hours participants will:

  • have group discussions and play games

  • create a superstar character with a special move to help a friend

  • design a championship belt celebrating their identity

  • build a mock ring using arts and craft supplies

  • improve their social capacity through relays and tag games

The Getting Over workshop educates young people in creating the true superstar that they want to be, maturing their understanding of morality, improving social awareness and understanding how to help and promote others wellbeing.

We are enormously excited to bring this incredible workshop to your School! Please contact us at to organise a time for us to come and show you the nuts and bolts. Once we get over the ropes, we promise we will lift the belt!

*Note: this workshop does not promote violence and does not involve any wrestling or physical contact